[INTRO] BaekMinJi93


— To be honest, they aren’t my favorite OTP 😀


Bella Betrixiana a. k. a. Bebe

’00 LinerIntrovertSarcastismMoodyMultifandom


Hi! Just call me Bebe. The girl having excited to write a freak story and fangirling. Feeling addicted with Seventeen’s SeungcheolJisooMingyu also Pledis Girlz’ Zhou JieqiongPark SiyeonKim MinkyeongIm Nayoung. I’m the new author ini this blog, so give me a good impression and I think we’ll be close friend ^-^.


Wanna know more about me—or my story, maybe?

Come and visit on my cafe and Twitter. LINE? Contact me on via Twitter DM, okay?


Last and for your information, I’m be a part at some another blogs too :

GFriendnesiaHip Hop UnitHong JisooIOILovelyz

Macaroon SeoulOh SehunOMGSay KoreanTwiceWJSN


See ya~


SeungcheolJisooMingyuZhou JieqiongPark SiyeonKim MinkyeongIm Nayoung




Warm Regards,


BaekMinJi93 a.k.a Bebe




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