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©2016, BaekMinJi93’s & Gecee’s Present


Special starring with

Gu9udan’s Kim Sejeong and Seventeen’s Jeon Wonwoo

slight! mention Gu9udan’s Sally and Seventeen’s Mingyu

| AU! — slight! Angst — Fantasy — Fluff — RomanceSurrealism | Ficlet | Teens |


There’s nothing us, but only for storyplot is purely US!

Don’t be a plagiarism and be a good readers, guys ^^

“Suatu saat nanti, aku akan berubah. Di saat itulah kau akan menyukaiku.”

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[Ficlet] Child’s Breakfast Story

Child's Breakfast Story.png

Special dedicate fanficition to Kwon Soonyoung’s Birthday


©2016, BaekMinJi93 & Gecee


Starring with

Seventeen’s Kwon Soonyoung as Hoshi and OC’s Kyra

slight! mention Seventeen’s Joshua Hong


| AU! – slight! Angst – slight! Comedy – Fluff – Romance – Surrealism | Ficlet | Teens |


This story purely from our precious mind. DON’T BASHING AND DON’T PLAGIARISM!

Happy reading…

“Jika bukan sekarang, kapan lagi?”


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